Thursday, August 28, 2008

A new start. A new voice.

"The world around me can benefit from silence.
This song is my enemy.
Watch how I become it."

I'd wake up at 6am. Tired and nervous. Worried at what the day would bring. I'd practice a fake smile in the mirror while brushing my fake teeth in the shower. Shoes by Aldo. Slacks and button up shirt by Banana Republic. Sweater by Diesel. Tie (half widsor knot) and overcoat by Calvin Klein. The shitty bag I carried was a piece of vendor swag. Hair done, ass wiped and ready to rule the world. At least until I walked outside.

On the train going from New Jersey to Philadelphia, I'd pretend to read. I was too bored to really concentrate. Being here drove me half mad with disappointment. Getting off the train at 16th and Locust, I'd make my way towards Liberty 1 and get ready to start my day.

I used to stare at all of us milling towards the heart of this great city. Each one of us dreaming of leaving our mark. Or at least making it out alive and rich. Each one of us looking like we came directly out of the factory that produces white collared white people. The only marks we left were under our armpits from sweat. Fear gripping us all while we smiled at each other.

God. I hated my life.

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ninni said...

Sweet blog, great job. It was your tweet brought mi here. see yu soon