Friday, August 29, 2008

I'm someone stoopid just like you...

I was in 11th grade when my guidance counciler called me. She asked me why I didn't do the majority of my homework. I didn't really have an answer so I just shrugged. She decided I wasn't challenged enough by what our school offered so she told me about the Youth Apprenticeship Program. I'd be able to leave highschool for over a year while taking college courses and working on internships at various companies in the region. Like any young male I said yes.

Less than two years later I was back in college. The program I was previously a part of set me up with enough grant and state funding to give me a free ride. I was majored in chemical engineering with a heavy focus on philosophy. I really didn't know which direction I was headed in.

However, I realized this direction wasn't for me. Not yet, at least. I switch my major over to computer sciences and promptly dropped out. I wasn't done with school though. Over the next couple years I took classes at bigger schools; just earning credits here and there when I had time. The last college experience I had was with the University of Phoenix. Online schooling bored me to the point of dropping out again. I remember before I signed up, the advisor asked me about previous college credits. I told him where to look and he did. He was stupefied that I hadn't graduated yet. I asked him not to add them to my current curriculum. I wanted to just start over. He agreed. He (his name is Dan) called me two weeks ago to let me know I would've graduated that day.

Turns out, Dan, that graduating isn't my thing.

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