Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Labor Day

Labor Day was created in 1882 to have "a day off for the working citizens". That's great. Thanks to whoever set that up, I've always enjoyed having this day off. I wonder, though about the people who don't have off and why they're working.

I worked in the retail sector for years. Trying to get off on Labor Day was as blasphemous as asking to have off the day after Thanksgiving. It just doesn't happen. This is mainly due to the fact that school starts within a week and all stores must have they're back-to-school extravaganza sales. Sometimes you have no choice but to hate consumerism. Thousands, maybe millions, of people are working in malls and shopping centers today so little jimmy can get one more pair of jeans. *sigh*

My mother works for the state. She's working today too. I have no idea why. I thought state and federal offices were closed today (they are) but my mother is working.

Where's the equality here? Why can't we all just take one day a year to relax? When will we be able to break free of our need to shop and buy shit as soon as we have a spare ,minute. The answers are simple. Nowhere, we're slaves, and never.

I hope little Jimmy ruins his pants on the first day of school.

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